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Join us to build Canary Homes and be part of a movement that builds healthy homes and transforms lives. Your time and dedication can make an incredible impact.


Here's how you can get involved:

  • Construction Crew: Put your building skills to use by joining our construction crew. From laying foundations to installing fixtures, your hands-on expertise will help create safe and sustainable homes.

  • Design and Planning: If you have a creative flair and a passion for design, contribute your talents to the planning and architectural aspects of our projects. Help us create homes that are not just functional but also beautiful and inspiring.

  • Fundraising and Outreach: Spread the word about the Canary Homes Project and help us secure the necessary resources to make our vision a reality. Organize fundraisers, engage with potential donors, and raise awareness about the importance of safe and healthy housing.

  • Advocacy and Education: Become a voice for those in need by advocating for policies that support affordable housing and raising awareness about the challenges faced by vulnerable communities. Educate others about the significance of safe housing and inspire them to take action.

  • Admin Support: Behind every successful project is a team of dedicated volunteers who ensure things run smoothly. If you have organizational or administrative skills, we would greatly appreciate your support in coordinating volunteer activities, managing schedules, and providing logistical assistance.

  • Social Media: Are you a talented copywriter or graphic artist looking to make a difference with your skills? Join the Canary Homes Project's marketing team and contribute your expertise to help us create a strong online presence and captivating visual materials.

Contact us at to express your interest.

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