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Are you ready to make a lasting impact in the lives of families and communities? At Canary Homes, we believe that everyone deserves a safe and healthy place to call home. We are on a mission to create sustainable, affordable, and environmentally-friendly homes for those in need. But we can't do it alone.

We invite you, visionary companies and compassionate organizations, to join us in our endeavor to build healthy homes. Your contribution of materials, supplies, or time will make a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals and families.

How You Can Partner

  • Research and Innovation: If you're a research institution, university, or organization specializing in housing, sustainability, or related fields, we invite you to collaborate with us on research projects. By joining forces, we can explore innovative building materials, construction techniques, and sustainable technologies to further enhance the quality and efficiency of our homes. Let's contribute to the knowledge base and drive positive change through evidence-based practices.

  • Fundraising and Philanthropy: Are you passionate about fundraising and philanthropy? Become a fundraising partner and help us secure the necessary resources to continue our mission. Organize fundraising events, campaigns, or workplace giving programs to raise funds for the construction of healthy homes. By leveraging your networks and expertise, we can extend our reach and make an even greater impact together.

  • Sustainable Materials and Suppliers: If your business specializes in providing sustainable materials, energy-efficient products, or eco-friendly solutions, let's partner to incorporate these elements into our home construction projects. By utilizing sustainable building materials and technologies, we can reduce our environmental footprint while creating homes that promote healthier living conditions.

  • Hemp Growing and Building: Hemp-based construction materials have gained attention for their sustainability, durability, and positive environmental impact. If you're involved in hemp cultivation or manufacturing hemp-based products, let's explore opportunities to incorporate hemp into our building processes. By partnering on hemp-growing initiatives, we can promote sustainable practices and contribute to the growth of this emerging industry.

  • Advocacy and Collaboration: Advocacy is an essential aspect of creating lasting change. If you're an organization or individual passionate about advocating for affordable housing, sustainable development, or policies that support our mission, let's collaborate to raise awareness, influence policy decisions, and drive meaningful change. Together, we can amplify our voices and make a collective impact on a broader scale.

  • Knowledge Sharing and Training: Do you have expertise in construction, sustainable practices, or related fields? Partner with us to provide training programs, workshops, or educational resources for our volunteers, staff, and community members. By sharing your knowledge and empowering others with valuable skills, we can enhance the quality of our construction projects and foster sustainable practices within the communities we serve.

Join Us

We believe that partnerships are the cornerstone of our success. By combining our resources, expertise, and shared vision, we can create a lasting impact on housing and community development. Let's collaborate, innovate, and work together to build healthy homes, transform lives, and foster sustainable communities.

To explore partnership opportunities or discuss specific collaboration ideas, please reach out to our Partnership Department at We look forward to discussing how we can join forces and make a meaningful difference together.

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